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Hongkong and Macau on my Birthday!

After many years of just flipping travel magazines after travel magazines in awe of these travelers’ stories, I finally, nervously booked a flight to Hongkong for that decade-long longing to travel solo even if I don’t have that much savings to cover all the possible cost of my trip. The time was March of 2012. That was when my colleague said “Hey Ate, there’s a promo for Hongkong”. I just told her right away, “Okay, book me!” No “what ifs?” Just that “now or never” moment of life :)

I have decided that it was there where I will spend my birthday (June 10).
For me, it was venturing unto the unknown, going out of my comfort zone, just following my heart. I tried to gather the contacts that I have related to my mother’s friend and that of her daughter who are both working in Hongkong and Macau.
I'm very poor financially, only rich in daydreams of seeing places. At that time, nothing can stop me, NOTHING can ever stop me. Not even my limited budget. To save on expenses, I decided to brin…