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Ilo-ilo at Last ~

This time is not my first time for this province. I have been here last March 2012 but with no intention of stopping by to enjoy the place. I was only on my way to the famous Boracay and Ilo-ilo is a place to stop by first so I can get on a bus to get to the world-famous island BORACAY!

I sadly glimpsed on the places I passed in Iloilo and on my mind "I will have my chance for you too, soon" I convinced myself.

Come August 2014, its just plain EXCITEMENT when I was able to prepare for the next field work and see Ilo-ilo for the FIRST time :) No one can resist to have her picture taken at the place where "Ilo-ilo" text is just simply visible :)

Way back in Elementary years, I can only think of Ilo-ilo as a place with the colorful "vintas", well those colorful boats as shown on the History books back then.  But there is more to Ilo-ilo than just the boats that I have not even tried :D

To look forward to:

good food  - La Paz Batchoy
people - I like how they speak …

Paradise Called Cabilao Island!

Two years ago I decided to explore places that  I have never been to knowing that the experience will be worth it, out of curiosity and  out of fun.
Indeed, my first travel experince gave me so much freedom and made me realize that different places are worth seeing and exploring if we have the chance to do it, meaning if we have a little savings through our work, and if we can afford the time. There are many ways to save on expenses too, I realized. One way to do it is by staying in hostels, dormitory-type accommodations and homestays.
More than that, I realized how I really love beaches! The fact that I am from a country of 7,107 islands was enough to make me feel excited. Seashore, sea breeze, the waves, the calmness and peace that comes with it is always a luxury for me.
Cabilao is one of the islands in Bohol under the town of Loon.  Together with two friends, off we visited the island recently.

Approximately 10 minutes  trip by boat from Sandingan and you will reach Cabilao Island.