SAVIMA Boardwalk in Maribojoc

The first time I saw a friend’s post about a certain mangrove area, I felt this sudden itch to see the place. It looks so relaxing and  well, just what I need.

There are times when I like to go at some place because it is so beautiful for being quiet. Together with my sister and my nephew and my couchsurfer friend Monya from China, we visited the place. It is called SAVIMA and located in San Vicente, Maribojoc, Bohol.

We left Tagbilaran City at almost 2pm. Unfortunately when we arrive, the woman who look after the place inform us not to take so long staying at the boardwalk because she is going to leave at 3pm.
Oh well, we decided to make the most of our time there J

Walking along the boardwalk has this calming effect.

My couchsurfer Monya, from China. 

My sister, my couchsurfer and my nephew. 

 I learned about the different type of mangrove trees too.

Mangrove Specie: Pagatpat

Now I know a certain variety of mangrove. 

Mangrove Specie: Bacauan Babae

Unlike before, I thought all mangroves were the same :)

Reaching the last part of the boardwalk was the best treat of all. The breeze is the best I have experienced. 

Perfect for an afternoon delight ;)

How I wish I have a mat and a book and I can sleep there to my heart’s content. 

Peaceful place is heavenly to me.

Carpe Diem ;)


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