Dear Couchsurfers: How To Reach My Place - Complete Instruction

Dear Couchsurfer/s,

This is for you.

Upon going to my place unassisted, please follow these instructions.

From Tagbilaran City port or airport:
Take a tricycle from the port/airport to downtown Tagbilaran to City Square, B. Inting St. Terminal IF before 5:30pm. Regular fare rate at the port is Php15.00 per person as a joiner (capacity of tricycle is 3)

Warning though: Many tricycle drivers will ask for more (scammers/they will rip you off)
So make sure that you ask first before you hop unto the tricycle.

If you are coming from the port and you are not amenable with the rate that he is giving you, then walk a little bit up to Gallares St., from there, hail a tricycle for the same rate Php15.00 and go to the location of terminal, see below reference.

If you are coming from the airport and you are not amenable with the rate that he is giving you, then try to negotiate, or if you can wait, befriend other travelers going to downtown Tagbilaran and join them, that can mean cheaper ride. Check for terminal location below based on your time of arrival and tell the tricycle driver where you will go.


Baclayon Terminal: Morning to 5:30-6:00pm. Location: City Square, B. Inting St. Tagbilaran City, Bohol. City Square is near BQ Mall and Alturas Mall.
Baclayon Terminal 5:30-6:00pm to 9:00pm. Location: Cathedral Church, Plaza Rizal, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Make sure to ask if it is for Baclayon town, usually you can read it on the sides of the vehicle.
Fare is Php 10.00. Travel time is 5 minutes or less. The most is 8 minutes. Stop at Baclayon Bed and Breakfast and cross the Hiway to Lambo St.

Very IMPORTANT: Since Tagbilaran City is just like 5 minutes from Baclayon, please MAKE SURE that you have talked to the driver or asked other passengers that you will only be at Guiwanon (Bed and Breakfast area), or else, they will assume that you will be going to Baclayon town proper. Unfortunately, that is already far from my place.

If you think that you are not properly understood, show this message to the locals (other passengers) or to the driver.

"Kuya, ihunong ko palihog sa unang eskena human sa Guiwanon Elementary School, tungod sa Baclayon Bed and Breakfast".

This is crucial. When I mentioned "CROSS", I mean it. From the moment you alight from the mini-bus or jeepney, CROSS the street and check the sign board that says "ASA Philippines Foundation". 
One wrong turn and you will end up at the beach, not at my place :D It happened to two couchsurfers already :)

House on the left side.

Walk some more.

And you will see this too.

A few minutes more/

A waiting shed at the left.

A beautiful house with a neat lawn at the left side.

You're almost at the end of Lambo St.

Walk until you reach the end of Lambo St. Turn to left.

Walk a little bit farther until you notice a  store to the left. 

A few meters away from the store.

The store.

Almost there. This is the house in front of the store.

This is the Purok Caimito.

Look up! See that small green house? :D

That short steep walk up there.

Closer to the green house now.

Finally, you've reached it! WELCOME!

Good luck!



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