The Buzzling Town That Is Jagna

While growing up, the town of Jagna was famous for, well, being the pier that my family has to go to during the times that we need to travel to Nasipit. My mother is from Agusan del Norte, and many times, we have visited Mindanao via Jagna to Nasipit route through  a ferry.

However, many improvements has been going on in Jagna. This has become a town of so many activities from Commerce/Retail and even Tourism.

I tried visiting the place and this is what I saw.

The Can-uba Marble Beach at Brgy. Can-uba, Jagna. Cottage rental is at Php50.00

This place is actually fun to visit, because there is a certain area where someone can take a picture at the top of one of the rock formation with a decent stairway to climb to pick the best spot. 

Someone has to explore more to see this part of Can-uba,  this is like a hidden cave-like place where there are certain cliff-like rocky spots where locals dive from to the greenish water. 

The village of Can-uba is just close to the main town of Jagna. 

This is the Kinahugan Waterfalls in Sitio Karapagan, CabungaanJagna, Bohol.

Lonoy Cold Spring - at Lonoy, Jagna, Bohol.

The statue of the valiant fighter Capt. Goyo Case├▒as during during the Philippine-American War in 1901. 

Ching's Calamay is where you can stop to buy some Calamay, the famous delicacy of Jagna town. Calamay is sticky sweet delicacy that is popular in this town. It is made of coconut milk, brown sugar, and ground glutinous rice. They can also be flavored with margarine, peanuts or ube (yam).

A tour to the production area is a bonus where tourists can watch men actually cooking Calamay on big woks.

The staff in this corner are preparing for the coconut shell that they use for the cooked sweet mixture.

   As I asked on this blue thing. This is where the staff will place the empty coconut shell, and this keep and hold the shell when they pour the sticky mixture during packaging.

Calamay can come in a form or use of a coconut shell.

Or  with the use of plastic container, just like this one. Ube (yam) flavor for the purple color sweet treat.

How to get to Jagna?

From Tagbilaran City, take a multicab at B. Inting St. bound for ICM at Php8.00, stop at Dao Integrated Bus Terminal.
Take a bus for Php57.00, or a van at Php100.00, and stop at Brgy. Can-uba for the Marble Beach.
After Can-uba, take a motorela for Php8.00, stop at Ching's Calamay at Brgy. Can-upao.
After Can-upao, take a motorela once again to Poblacion Jagna for Php8.00
From Jagna Proper, hire a habal-habal driver for Php100.00 to Php120.00 to see: 
Kinahugan Waterfalls and 
Lonoy Cold Spring. 

Actual amount to pay is actually based on your negotiation skill. Giving of tip is up to you.

So for that next town to explore, go to Jagna.

Carpe Diem :)


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