Wednesday, December 4, 2019

What's All The Buzz Behind Bohol Bee Farm!

I can't remember when I first heard about the place, but certainly BOHOL BEE FARM is a name that will arouse one's curiosity.
Meet Bohol Bee Farm ~

First ever visit to this place was when we had our Organization's Anniversary in 2010. 

During CEVI's 10th Anniversary ~

Followed by a lunch with our guest from Kiva. 

With colleagues and visitors

Third was with Sir Jonar (our previous CEO) as a team. 

Fourth was with my Couchsurfing Meet-up guest Nana. 

Fifth was when Jubelyn, my friend from Davao invited my family for a dinner, and the last one was with my Aunties from Agusan Del Norte.

With Irving.


With Saycon Family.

With Dara.

With Lourdes.

With Estrada Family. 

Not to kid you, going to this place is not easy since this is quite far from the Capital of Bohol which is Tagbilaran City. Unless you have a car, you should have at least enough money to pay for a special trip to Bohol Bee Farm via a tricycle. The location is in Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines (yes, of course I would like to make the address complete).

What is more endearing is knowing that they get their fresh vegetables from their garden :) 

Still, no matter the inconveniences, I will come back to this place again and again. Not because of good food alone, but because of its ambience and gorgeous location.

They do have a variety of yummy treats that they alone can offer.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

To Be Loved Like Leah!

Cebu is one of the famous province in the Philippines. It is one of the "must-visits" for most backpackers.

Even with quite a number who explored this province, there are still places being built everyday to add to its grandeur.

One is the Temple of Leah in Cebu City. The place was built in memory of Leah, a wife, treasured by her husband. While we were there, many portion of the building were still being built. It seems like it was not even ready for tourists yet, but people were already allowed to tour the place.

One thing that was clear to me was the overwhelming feeling of BEING LOVED LIKE THAT!
For a man to do that, you must be really his queen :)

You are one lucky woman Leah. Extraordinary, may even be an understatement :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Can't Shake Off That "creepy" Feeling In Cambodia


Before even visiting the country, I have already read many articles and some of its history. Most are not pleasant, to say the least.  Scary, some would say perhaps. But then it happened many years ago.

Still, I can't imagine that these atrocities lasted until two years before I was born. So this, I can consider as not something I cannot relate to. This is fairly new, compared to most of what were written in History books.

To say that I was excited means I'm lying too. I was apprehensive. 

After arriving at Phnom Penh, we went directly to Choeung Ek Genocidal Center. This place was preserved in memory of those executed by their dictator leader Pol Pot.

While already there, I got scared.  It seems to me that the place itself is full of souls begging for justice of what happened to them during Pol Pot's time.  

"Killing Tree Against Which Executioners Beat Children" - it says

We were offered a headset with a map and the direction on where to go and to listen to the testimonies of those who live to tell the tale.


I had goosebumps, I thought I would eventually throw up from fear. 

Bones are stored in this glass box.

I wanted to run as fast as I can after me and my friend was already many meters apart. 

Treading this part with my heart beating so fast. (Scared!)

I wonder if from this place, were they buried when they were already dead or even when they were still begging for their lives?

It was close to night time (almost 6PM of Philippines time). This really brings out the kid in me. 

These trees are witnesses of many lives lost. 

This is one of the places that they used as mass graves where many human bones were exhumed.

Sleng Tree "Poisonous Tree"

At the front of the center.

The building behind me, stores so many skulls of the victims of the genocide.

The visit to Cambodia may not be a pleasant one if FUN is what you have in mind. But for me, it was NECESSARY. I have seen the remnant of Cambodia's dark past.

See it for yourself, Boholanos! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Kombira: To Go Or Not To Go?

The name was first heard from an Aunt who mentioned the place to me. She shared that her cousin was almost given a surprise birthday party there, except for the weather
 that did not cooperate which turned the whole plan into a mess. So there, the plan did not materialize and it turned out that her cousin has to know about the party.

The place is named Kombira. This is a Cebuano word which means "a banquet" or "a feast". Seems enticing to me. Yesterday, was my chance to see it after our meeting at the Law Office in the City. And we have to have our lunch there, Ma'am Lucy said.

Off we went. Two Senior Citizens were given a discount. If only I have a Driver's License, I could have a discount too ;)

Menu for the day.

I believed that they do have variety of food served daily. It is not the same everyday. 

How fancy is the tarpaulin ;)
When you're already hungry, you can just imagine what they have inside.

Choosing what to have :)

The banquet.

 Customers munching and enjoying their lunch.

The interior.

My portion, before I added some more :)

I failed to see this at first. An added bonus :)

So what's my take for a lunch here? If I have to rate this 1-10, ten being the highest, I will give this a 6. The place is okay, but the food is not so much. 
Still, for a different experience, you may give this place a try. After all, this is an EAT ALL YOU CAN place. Good for those who wanted to have a full meal without worrying of emptying his/her pocket :)

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Hiking In This Very City :)

Many times, I've heard about Banat-i hill, but I always dismiss is as nothing since I'm not fond of mountains. There are times when I think that this place is from other province, or I have it interchanged with Balite (a tree). Lol.

When you are not interested with something, it can easily be dismissed as non-existent.
But, what I have missed in life! Someone point it out to me - the beauty of hiking. 

I realized that maybe it is something that I should check on.

Yesterday was the Saturday that was not raining so it was finally made the day to do the hiking and what fun was that. This hill is just so near where I live, so why not indeed?

I live in Baclayon town and in Bool Terminal which is close to my apartment is where the start of the hike. With my niece, my dog Oggi and five friends who are mostly colleagues, off we went :)

 A few minutes ascending.

 From here, it feels good to breath the fresh air.

Trusting the path to lead us to the peak.

The bonus above is what makes the climb worth our time. This place is already overlooking the Tagbilaran Bay and even Pamilacan Island of Baclayon town. 

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Challenging Self To Capture Sunsets

For the longest time, I can't remember appreciating sunsets or thinking of it as something special. While occasionally I like what most people captured with the fierce orange or almost reddish color I can see in them. Well, I admire what they got, but I have not intentionally checked on a sunset myself for the joy of it.

So today, I decided to sit on the patio in Camiguin and waited for the sunset.
However, I see a different color, it is not red or orange, but just gloomy until it finally gets dark.

My first time is like this, maybe next time will be different. Who knows?!
The beauty of different colors probably :)

Sunset in Camiguin.

Until next....

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Zamboanga City - You Were Unplanned

So it was not like I had dreamed it at all, well, to be honest, I thought I would just have to pass by the place.

I had one day to enjoy the place.

I left my province the night before via Lite Ferries, going to Cebu for four hours. This means that a comfortable sleep is never possible with this accommodation type.

Next, Cebu to Zamboanga City flight via Cebu Pacific.

Arrival at Zamboanga Airport was at 8:30 in the morning.

 At first, I thought that Bienvenidos means a name of a famous politician to which the airport was named after. Eventually, after seeing so many of the same word, I figure out, it means "WELCOME". Lol. :D

 I was at my couchsurfing host's place at 9:00am. I feel too tired, I feared that I will not even see anything on the place. I tried to drag myself after 3 hours of rest, to have lunch and to see some places. After waiting for the rain to stop, I took the risk and head to Downtown Zamboanga City for lunch. I tried at McDonalds for a quick and easy choices to fill my angry tummy

In the end I decided to see the Merloquet Falls. I took a van for two hours for P130.00. Then I took another ride of habal habal for P200. 

300+ steps await me :)

It is always worth it :D

And the climb back, it is always painful. But I am happy :)

Ended the night with a hearty dinner at Alavar from a friend's suggestion.

The goal was to make sure that I have tasted their famous CURACHA, but it was not solo traveler-friendly for a choice. It is on a per kilo basis per order. I cannot eat that much.
Another option was to order their best-seller that was a mixture of different dish that which includes Curacha or Crab choice but on that specific date, Curacha is not available for that menu but just crab.

Oh well, better luck next time.

At least, I am happy,satisfied of my day and full from my yummy dinner.

'Til next Zamboanga!

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” 

What's All The Buzz Behind Bohol Bee Farm!

I can't remember when I first heard about the place, but certainly BOHOL BEE FARM is a name that will arouse one's curiosity. Mee...